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All of the products that I manufacture are individually hand crafted, usually at time of order. Just to let you know how I work, I try to make up as many as practical in advance to always keep a few in stock. On those that offer special finishes, such as a particular stain, color or design, I try to manufacture up to the point of applying those finishes. My products move very fast, so it is an on-going process to always keep some 'in the mill'.

What this means is that I may not have your particular product request in stock at the time you order, but I can usually fill the order within a couple of weeks.

I only charge actual shipping charges, plus a small handling fee to help cover the cost of boxes and packing, to your retail location and will try to combine pieces to reduce the cost of shipping. I usually ship FedEx ground as that has always been the least expensive for me, and they have always paid the few claims that I have had with them promptly.

Getting established as a dealer
The first step is to get established with us as a dealer. Plear use this Dealer request form to request to be a dealer. After submission, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Drop Ship Orders
To request a drop ship, you must be an established dealter with us.
Once I have received your order, I will send an acknowldgement with estimate shipping date.
When you are ready to submit a drop ship order, please use this Drop Ship Request form
When ready to ship, I will send and electronic invoice for you to pay, or a payment receipt if I have your billing information on file. When shipped, I will send the tracking number.

You may notice several items on my retail site that are not in this catalog. There could be any one of several reasons for this.

1. I just haven't had time to include them yet.
2. They take an extended time to build
3. They are very expensive to ship.

In any case, if you notice anything that I dont' have listed and you would like to order, please let me know and we can give you a price and delivery schedule. Thanks.